Led Visions Pixelbar

Elevate your creativity with the LED Visions Pixelbar, a powerful lighting solution designed to bring your vision to life. With a dazzling brightness of 5000 Nits, this compact marvel transforms any space into a canvas for your imagination. Its pixel density of 50 pixels per 1000mm or 25 pixels per 500mm ensures precision and clarity in your lighting design.

Measuring 1000mm by 500mm and weighing just 1kg per 1000mm, the Pixelbar is lightweight and easy to handle. With a power consumption of only 14W, it's an energy-efficient choice for captivating lighting displays.

The Pixelbar comes equipped with Advatek Software, offering seamless control through Artnet and Sacn protocols. Its connectivity options, including XLR4 and Powercon True 1 with Neutrik Ethercon, ensure hassle-free setup and operation.

One of its unique features is the square covers, allowing you to experiment with different lighting patterns and effects, making it perfect for stage performances, events, and architectural lighting. The Pixelbar is CE and Rohs certified, assuring quality and safety.

Unlock the potential of dynamic lighting with the LED Visions Pixelbar. Whether you're designing a captivating stage show or enhancing the ambiance of an event, the Pixelbar is your versatile tool for artistic expression. Illuminate your world – rent the Pixelbar now, only at LED Visions.

Optical Facts

Specials Square Covers
Certificate CE Certificate - Rohs
Connection XLR4 - Sender&Receivers Powercon True 1 - Neutrik Ethercon
Software Advatek Software (Artnet - Sacn)
Power 14W

Physical Facts

Size (Wxh) 1000mm / 500mm
Pixelpitch [mm] 50 pixels / 1000mm - 25 pixels / 500mm
Brightness 5000 Nit
Weight [kg/m²] 1